Undertaking prestigious government and private projects, our recent portfolio reflects our expertise in delivering infrastructure solutions that enhance communities and drive progress.

Communist Party of India

C. K. Chanrappan Memorial Building

The C.K. Chandrappan Memorial Building stands as a testament to the legacy of the Communist Party of India, providing a dedicated space for fostering ideological growth, political discourse, and collective empowerment. This iconic building serves as a beacon of unity, resilience, and progressive ideals, honoring the visionary leader and inspiring future generations to strive for social justice and equality.

Inland Navigation Department - CSIND

Development of Thiruvananthapuram–Shoranur Canal

The revival of the Thiruvananthapuram–Shoranur (TS) canal marks a significant milestone in revitalizing Kerala’s inland water transport system. This ambitious project, led by the CSIND, demonstrates our unwavering commitment to enhancing connectivity, promoting sustainable transportation, and revitalizing economic opportunities along the canal route.

Agricultural Department​

District Agricultural Farm Perigamala - Farm Road

Our work of resurfacing the farm road at District Agricultural Farm Peringamala, exemplifies our commitment to enhancing rural infrastructure, facilitating smooth transportation for agricultural operations, and promoting sustainable farming practices

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